Introducing The ODOC: The First “Future-Proof” iPhone Dock.

For many years now Apple has made the 30-pin dock connector the standard for iPods, then iPhones, and most recently, iPads. As functional and versatile as it is, it’s simply too big in the modern world were smartphones are just a handful of millimeters thin. Something newer and smaller is needed. The downside, of course, is that years’ worth of iPod/iPhone/iPad accessories will no longer work or at the very least, require an adapter to work with a redesigned dock port. But the makers of the ODOC claim their iPhone dock will stand the test of time as the first “future-proof” dock.

The magic of the ODOC revolves around the removable and swappable dock components. For as little as $20, customers will be able to purchase a redesigned dock connector so that their future-proof dock can keep on kickin’ even if the iPhone itself grows in size.

Other perks of the ODOC include a unique twisting design that allows for four different positions for the dock as well as a sturdy, robust stance thanks to quality materials and a 1.5 lb to 2.7 lb. (will be more final if ODOC goes into production) curb weight.

The ODOC is currently just over halfway to the $70,000 needed to get the project off the ground (Kickstarter page). But would you buy one? It’s not necessarily anything special visually, though, the claims to be able to adapt to future iOS devices should their dock connectors change/shrink is certianly a admirable, no?


Via: Wired