iOS 5.1 Golden Master Passes QA, Public Release Inches Closer.

It’s been quite a while since Apple released iOS 5 back in the fall of 2011. Since then only a couple minor updates have been released, with each not bringing much more than attempts to fix bugs and rampant battery drain on the new OS.

iOS 5.1 meanwhile has been rumored as nearing release for well over month now, though is just now actually getting close. ChronicWire is reporting that the Golden Master of iOS 5.1 (build 9B176) has officially passed internal QA testing meaning a public release is potentially only a couple weeks away.

As rumors have claimed previously, Siri now supports Japanese, though more interesting are the “couple of new, previously unrevealed” features that have also found their way into the upcoming release.

With all the pent up jailbreak demand from the iPhone 4S’ late entrance to the opened up garden, and subsequent record number of jailbreaks with Absinthe, we have to ask: Are you going to upgrade to iOS 5.1 as soon as it’s released or are you going to sit tight with your jailbroken device?

Source: ChronicWire | Via: 9to5Mac