iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Update: iOS Hacker, pod2g, Found “2 Big Vulnerabilities” Over The Weekend.

Even though Apple has dramatically opened up (relatively of course) iOS since the days of iPhone OS 1.0, there are still a handful of legitimate reasons to enjoy jailbreaking your iOS device. For us, we simply like the added utility that can be added by way of WiFi toggle switches on the lockscreen/NC pulldown as well as quick reply options for Twitter and iMessage via TwitkaFly and BiteSMS respectively. Whatever your reason for jailbreaking might be, it’s hard to deny that the jailbreak scene is still very much alive and well.

Getting that jailbreak, however, takes countless hours of sifting through code, testing possible security holes and lots of caffeine. One such iOS hacker who has consistently cracked Apple’s secret code is @pod2G.

Yesterday pod2g posted a tweet telling of his fruitful weekend in finding two new iOS vulnerabilities that could be used on the next jailbreak exploit. The exploits, one giving access to the kernel with the second giving pod2g root access, weren’t discussed in detail as pod2g is pretty much holding off on burning the known exploits on 5.1 when 5.2 could come in a month or two and see Apple patching said exploits. iOS 6.0 isn’t likely to hit the public until later this fall (October-ish). And if Apple missed patching a new jailbreak in iOS 5.2 (or whatever the next
update is), they’d almost certainly fix it for a major release like 6.0.

As bummed as you might be knowing that an iOS 5.1 untether jailbreak (for A5 devices) isn’t likely on the horizon, take comfort in knowing that there’s a very good chance iOS 6 could see the hallowed jailbreak access from day 1 provided Apple doesn’t find what pod2g and friends already have. We don’t know about you but a jailbroken iOS 6 > wasting two exploits on iOS 5.x.

Via: YourDailyMac