iOS 5.1 March 9th Date Revealed In New Carrier Profiles?

Finding the next big hardware or software update in the Apple-sphere is a never-ending race. Most times it takes a few very well placed sources or determined, patient souls to weed through mountains of lines of code in .plist files and so on. This time, strike one for the code sniffers. New carrier profiles recently released by Apple contain a line of code that points to March 9th as the go-live date for said profiles, which in turn could very well mean that’s when the first major iOS 5 update will drop.

If you let your mind wander a bit more, one could deduce that March 9th is also the date in which Apple will announce and/or release the iPad 3 seeing as how it is supposed to get its grand reveal in the February/March timeframe. But of course, Apple release rumors are always to to be consumer with a heaping pile of salt.


  • Source YourDailyMac
  • Via BGR