iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G no longer receiving Apple’s Game Center. Yanked from iOS 4.1 beta 3.


Mobile gamers and Apple fans hoping to hold on just a little longer with their older hardware have a new decision to make — Old hardware or Game Center. The latest iOS 4.1 beta 3 has removed the highly publicized mobile gaming feature from iPhone 3G and iPod 2G devices. Given the fairly vocal outpouring of consumer complaints citing poor iOS4 performance on said hardware, it isn’t too hard to understand why the decision was made to ax it completely. Even then, it’s still a blow to plenty of Apple owners who were looking to get another years use out of their older hardware. Especially considering that Game Center has the chance to be huge. Now users will have to pay up or shut up.

It may not be the end of the world however. I’m sure that in due time, the Dev-Team and similar hacking teams will find a way to re-enable Game Center support, thereby giving legacy users that encore performance they’ve been looking for. But the best outcome would be Apple finding a way to make Game Center run more smoothly on the older hardware and re-enabling the feature in future updates.

Any iPhone 3G/iPod 2G owners bummed by the removal of Game Center for your devices?



  • August 4, 2010 6:36 am
  • by: Mike
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  • will wiles

    i dont see why apple is removing game center from ipod touch 2g because there no lags glitches or problems its the iphone 3g that apple should be sorting out so if apple reading this


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