iPhone 4 Gains iOS 5.1 Untether. Public Release Up In The Air.

An official iOS 5.1 unether is a little bit closer today after a new tweet by infamous iOS hacker/jailbreaker, @pod2g. The hacker claims to have an iPhone 4 untether jailbreak up and running. Success! So how soon until you can slap it on your iPhone 4? A while(ish).

Going from a usable untether that a hacker uses to an end user package/program that is mostly seamless and generally free of bugs takes an immense amount of refinement and tons of man hours testing and re-testing. Add to that the dwindling amount of exploits being found in iOS for iOS hackers to use for jailbreaks which creates an environment where jailbreak hackers are less willing to “waste” exploits on minor upgrades means any public release may never happen.

Pod2g pushed out a poll a few days asking the internets if we all want the untether release now or to wait to get the frying pan out until the bigger fish (iOS 6) arrives. We notice the increasing workload Apple is putting on jailbreak hackers by locking down iOS more and more with each release. That’s why we’re plenty happy to wait for an iOS 6 jailbreak with the current exploits. But that’s just us.

What do you think? Apple will very likely patch the newly found exploits in iOS 6 and render all this time we waited for naught.

iPhone 4S/iPad 2/iPad 3 (A5 and A5X) users, keep waiting.

Via: CultOfMac