iPhone case by Blink [Review]

Getting just the right iPhone case for your tastes is often a quest into the vast world of 3rd party accessories for Apple’s uber phone. I’ve lost count of how many cases have come and gone over the life of me and my iPhone’s relationship. Some were good and I just simply wanted change while others were bad and I had to return them almost as soon as I opened the packaging. The individual traits we all look for in the “perfect” case are objective of course meaning that no case can truly be perfect. Some like a solid, well built, all encompassing case that sacrifices nothing in the name of protection. On the other hand, some merely seek a case that adds a different color or some other desirable physical change. The latter often don’t add as much protection as the more function minded cases for obvious reasons. So how does the line of ultra-thin cases by Blink fair? Read on…

Thick or thin? What’s your preference? The thicker the case, generally the more protection as their is more material between your precious phone and the outside world. One look at Blink’s offering signals that this case isn’t necessarily designed to resist a nuclear blast. So what does it do?

Those looking for a case that adds a simple layer of protection to the back of the case from more minor things such as scratches, short, short drops, and other abrasive surfaces will find this case will serve them well. It looks extremely sharp and stylish and gives the iPhone a ever so slightly footprint which equates (to me anyway) a more comfortable grip. I personally think the iPhone is too thin and isn’t very comfortable to hold for extended periods of time at all. This case makes such long sessions much more bearable.

Because the case is so thin, some may be looking at it wondering how you take it on and off. The process is simple actually. When installing this case, I’ve found the best way is to lay the case flat on a table or similar flat surface and then gingerly lower your iPhone into place so that it slides in evenly on all sides. Once it is securely fastened, you should hear a small click as the case grips the phone. Scratches and other nasty blemishes from such a form fitting case were not experienced in my testing. And trust me, I’ve taken this case on and off many times. That which leads me to my next point…

This case falls off rather easily. I didn’t have any cracks or deformities in my case that would ruin it’s bear hug appearance or grip, though I still found myself re-seating the phone in this case several times a day. Sometimes such simple things as taking the phone out of my pocket would cause it to pop off. This isn’t a specific problem to this case as it is to cases of this form factor. Small, thin cases that rely on pressure to keep the case clinging to life generally have a very small tolerance for bumps and such. Also worth mentioning, because of how low this case sits on the phone, the chrome bezel that lines the phone is completely exposed. The only time the bezel or screen is protected with this case is if you drop it squarely on it’s back. And as we have all experienced with unfortunate gadget drops, that is rarely the case. But again, this case isn’t meant nor marketed for the upmost protection available for your iPhone. Finally, the case costs $25. Do you find that too much for a simple piece of plastic? Such things I’m sure ping your head constantly.

Reading all of this, we come to the million dollar question: Would I recommend this case to others? That’s a tough one that depends on a couple things. I can’t outright say “yes” or “no”. First you have to answer the question what kind of protection are you looking for? Are you merely looking for some extra style, color, or pizazz? Or are you in search of some physical protection that will allow your iPhone to continue normal operation after repeated drops and other harmful actions? If you simply want some style with minor backside protection, than this case is worth a look. However, if protection is anywhere on your list of wants or needs, I would keep searching. I learned very quickly that you can’t have an extremely thin yet highly protective case. It’s an oxymoron that simply doesn’t exist.

In the end I find the case good and what its marketed for but short on what really matters for my personal needs — protection.

  • anon

    hey dumbass… there is double sided tape on the inside to keep it from popping off…. blinkcase.com even tells you so……

    • Mike

      I used the tape. Some of the pics were taken before I applied it. It still fell off easily.

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