iPhone Dev Team To Release Major Redsn0w Update!

  • September 17, 2011 12:50 pm

Late last night MuscleNerd tweeted the iPhone Dev Team’s intentions of releasing a huge update for their jailbreak tool Redsn0w. The Update is expected to be out before MuscleNerd’s trip to Korea – which is Monday. Redsn0w has been one of the most widely used Jailbreak Utilities ever released. With only a few buttons clicked results in a jailbreak, ease has always been there. There is 1 part that has always been troublesome. The download of the .ipsw (Software file for iOS) which is usually 200 to 300MB in size can take some time, plus you have to locate it on the web.

Good news for those that have slower internet connections and hate having to download the some odd hundred MB .ipsw files. The latest update will only download the essential pieces automatically from Apple’s servers and then applies the jailbreak. The tool will cache what is downloaded so you’ll never have to download them again. For those of you on one of the iOS 5 betas, don’t bother in enjoying this feature, as these aren’t public releases so the tool won’t search for them.

As you will see from the screenshots after the jump, extra features including a Recovery Fix, saving and using your SHSH blobs as well as a few other options. This a huge update for the Dev Team giving the users an easier and convenient way to jailbreak. The initial load screen of redsn0w gives only two options, to Jailbreak and an Extras button. For those used to the utility will notice that being a huge change!

Hop on in for the screenshots posted by MuscleNerd and stay tuned for our post on it’s release!