iPhone takes crown, dethrones Razr.

The Razr’s reign has come to an end.  No longer is it the #1 phone in terms of units sold.  That title now goes to the iPhone 3g.  The iPhone has taken the top spot not be a little but by a wide margin.  One question comes to mind is look at how the perception in the Razr has changed the last few years.  WHen it first was released it was a $500 beast (at the time) of a phone) that everyone wanted, and few could afford.  Now, every one and their mother can get Razr’s for free.  Now its a poor mans phone.  With the iPhone coming into popularity and acceptance much faster, does that make you wonder if the iPhone’s dominance will be even shorter lived?  For me its hard to say.  Obviously, the iPhone is much more technologically advanced than the Razr, and therefore has a much better sticking appeal to the public.  But, in time will the iPhone become another poor mans phone as opposed to the Blackberry Bold.  I think in some sense the market will become saturated with iPhones and lose interest quicker than if it were a more exclusive item.  All in all, if Apple can keep evolving the iPhone they can stand the test of time and continue to gain new sales and customers.  If not there is always someone ready to take their place.

source:  iLounge