Is that a bird? Is that a Plane? No, it’s a nerd with a jetpack!

  • March 10, 2010 9:08 am

All I really have to say is that I’ll be hovering over the flat ugly land of Norther Indiana here soon! The Martin Jetpack was first unveiled back in July of 2008, with a few videos of the pack actually lifting someone off the ground. I remember hearing about this on some news outlet, never having a price or an idea of when it can be purchased. But don’t you worry, as of today this beauty has a price tag and a possible release date. With a not so far out price of $86,000, and a release date of sometime later this year, every somewhat upper middle class nerd out there can afford one!

Wouldn’t that be amazing, a bunch of nerds flying around for 30 minutes or so, throwing things on the dbags that made fun of us back in school? lol. Yes, only for 30 minutes, this guy has a flight time of 30 minutes, which isn’t bad, but come on, you’d think we could make it a bit longer. Oh well, this sucker runs off of regular old gasoline, two gigantic fans, and a two-liter v4 stroke engine. Not too shabby if you ask me, minus the flight time.

So start saving up, because this fall we have Halo: Reach (containing jetpacks) as well as our own real life jetpack. Do I hear the most amazing game of lazer tag being held???


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    Is that a bird? Is that a Plane? No, it's a nerd with a jetpack!: So start saving up, because this fall we have H…