Is the “Peek” really worth it?

Peter Svensson, AP Technology Writer


The “Peek” is a self proclaimed “back to basics” email device.  It lacks features such as a calendar, address book, browser, and basically…everything.  All it does is email, like good ‘ol blackberries used to do.  The makers of the Peek shun the “feature bloat” that many smartphones have today.  They take the approach of “less is more”….to the extreme less side.


All jokes aside, the peek does its main purpose in life fairly well.  However, it isn’t without imperfections.  For instance, the processor seems a bit slow as navigating the device coupled with the somewhat cumbersome UI make doing even the simple task of sending an email a several minute task.  On top of that, refreshing the inbox also garnered mixed reviews as Peter Svensson of AP reports that “it would take several minutes for the inbox to refresh, sometimes longer” making a “chat” like experience through email all but impossible.  

In the day of smartphones packed to the gills with “features” and with the new class of “feature phones” emerging, the Peek stands alone in its little corner of the world.  Unfortunately for the Peek, its one feature, the feature that has the developers entire attention, falls short. At $99 for the device itself and $20/month for the experience of mobile email it isn’t exactly cheap. The price combined with the rather ho-hum email function, will keep the Peek mainly appealling to the more mature generation, or those new to the world of mobile email.



sources: Peter Svensson, AP Technology writer; Newsvine