Is your PSP-3000 screen looking a little unhappy?

Internet forums have been ablaze the last couple of days with angry psp-300 owners.  At first the screen was something one would sit and simply drool over…now not so much.  It seems some nasty little surprises have popped up.

Interlacing, jagged edges, scan lines and some pretty nasty pixelation are rearing their ugly heads in what is quickly becoming a nightmare for Sony.  One would think that Sony would hop to it and issue a fix for their disgruntled customers ASAP.  Sorry disgruntled customers, today is not your day.  Sony is actually doing the opposite and claiming that the screen problems are not an issue and went further saying that their would be no fix whatsoever software or hardware based.  Wow…doesn’t that just make you want to and go hug the CEO of Sony.  I feel sorry for all of the early adopters of the PSP-3000.  It’s like a bug light…it lured you in with its shiny, sharp screen…then ZAP!


source: Boygenius