“It’s On Like…D’oh, monkey dong”

  • November 11, 2010 8:20 pm

I guess that is what we’ll have to say from now on, since Nintendo wants to trademark “it’s on like donkey kong.”(I got consent to say that for this article only, TAKE THAT OTHER SITES!!!)

So yeah, I doubt it will get passed. I mean, I have heard this said for as long as I can remember, but personally have never said it even though the DK games have always been held close to my heart. I kind of think it is ridiculous to try to TM this. I’ll try to follow this story as it is goes through the process to be trademarked, and update this in the future. It could happen. I hope not, because I use this every time I drag my wife upstairs by her hair.

If Nintendo wins this, it will ruin my “evening time” with my wife. Apple already ruined the ending by taking “There’s An App For That!”


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