Kickstarter Project: Turn Your iPhone’s 3.5″ Display Into A 5.3″ Giant With The Magnicase.

We’re always on the lookout for cool/innovative iPhone accessories. One such device that crossed our path today is a spawn of mechanical engineer Hieu Ngyen’s creative mind — the Magnicase.

Quite simply, the Magnicase uses a built in lens that increases the iPhone 4/4S’ display from 3.5″ to something closer to 5.3″. Ngyen claims the Retina display on an iPhone is dense enough that even after magnifying/stretching to ~5.3″, a new iPad-like pixel density of 264ppi is still achievable meaning very little to no discernible difference in image quality. (It’s worth noting that the term “Retina” to describe clarity and pixel density is relative. You hold a phone physical closer to you than a tablet, hence the higher number of pixels per inch required to achieve “Retina” status.)

The flip-out lens stows away neatly on the backside of the Magnicase and reportedly features 250 per inch with are said to aid in the Magnicase’s ability to preserve display/image quality. Colors that will be available at lunch include black, white, grey, pink, and blue. Currently, Ngyen’s Magnicase has $1,375 raised out of the needed $25,000 on Kickstarter.

The concept is definitely unique, and could provide a hit with people who love their iPhones dearly but suffer from less than stellar eyesight. At the same time, we’re having a hard time seeing this as a “must have” accessory. Thoughts?

More: Magnicase Kickstarter Page

Via: Gizmag