Korean ISP KT Is Going To Ruin The Internet By Charging Companies To Use Their Network.

Hating AT&T is a national pastime it seems, and a favorite of ours. We dont’ necessarily want to hate AT&T. They just suck at everything they do. But Korean ISP KT is toying with a policy that could fundamentally change the internet, and quite honestly, downright ruin it. Their proposal: double dipping.

KT wants to charge the companies behind heavy data using services like YouTube, music streaming sites, and anything else that gulps data to use their network. Their philosophy is that if those companies and services are going to use so much data, they need to pay to access all of that bandwidth. We can’t begin to tell you how fundamentally flawed and utterly ridiculous this way of thinking is.

First of all, any company who uses a ton of data already pays an inane amount of money for hosting/bandwidth as well as keeping their own data farms operating. On the end users’ end, we pay for access to an ISP’s network either broken into tiers by speed or by data allotment. To charge the companies/services a second time is incredibly harmful and nothing more than a money grab.

What’s most alarming is KT’s statement regarding companies who are “free riding’ on ISPs who have to foot the bill for heavy infrastructure investment”. Um. News flash, KT. That’s your fucking job. It is not your job to double dip and charge companies/services whom area already paying to access the internet.

For now, KT is only looking at Smart TV’s which make use of data heavy apps, blocking them, and asking the manufacturer to pay to “access” their infrastructure. How other companies as well as ISP’s react (and any lawsuits that could come out of such a scheme) will set off a wave of potential change in the global internet world. One a foot is shoved in the door, the crowd usually comes in behind it.

Let’s hope KT’s “way of thinking” doesn’t poison the rest of the global community.


  • Via Electronista