Latest Galaxy S III Leak Shows Color Choices To Be White And Blue.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III unveil is just around the corner but that
doesn’t mean we won’t readily accept the increasing “leaks” claiming
to showcase the device and/or details regarding it. Speaking of the
Galaxy S III, GSM Arena is href=””>providing
the latest leak in the form of an inventory screenshot from Carephone
Warehouse U.K. showing the two colors the Galaxy S III will initially
be offered in — blue and white. White isn’t too surprising as it is
usually a highly sought after color variant to the standard black
smartphone. Blue on the other hand is a bit more rare. Nokia got crazy
with the Lumia 800/900′s color choices. Though, we actually love the
Cyan Lumia 800/900 and the pink one isn’t a bad looker either. All
that said, we’re almost certain Samsung won’t abandon a
traditional black device. GSM Arena notes that some of the leaked
Galaxy S III images show a phone with a blue so deep it almost looks
black. So maybe it isn’t the in-your-face blue that some other
companies have used.

In other news, GSM arena speculates that the screen size is indeed of
the 4.8″ variety thanks to a Ultimate Screen Guard (USG) that really
doesn’t fit anything else on the market.

Happy with the color choices (and chances of a 4.8″ display)?

Source: href=””>GSM
Arena | Via: href=””>Slashgear