Leaked AMD 7990 Dual-GPU Specs Leak, Try To Steal Thunder From Nvidia’s Party

While Nvidia is busy unveiling their next-gen 6xx desktop/mobile series AMD is inadvertently working hard to steal back the limelight. Chinese site inpai.com has managed to gather and post what it says are the specs of AMD’s upcoming dual-gpu 7990 graphics card.

It is, of course, going to be extremely powerful with a combined 8.6 billion transistors and 4,096 stream processors between the two dies, as well as dual-384-bit memory channels, 6 GB of memory, 64 ROPs, and 256 texture units. (Yes, a small power plant.) Naturally, the two Tahiti-XT 7970 cores will require some serious power (and through off some heat) despite the efficient 28nm process. TechSpot thinks AMD will have to employ an 8 + 8-pin layout in regards to power connectors.

While we’ve always preferred a single, beefy graphics card to two lesser powered ones or the high-end dual-gpu options like the 7990 (and Nvidia’s GTX 590), we can’t help but get all geeked out with all of those numbers above flying by. Question is, will this card actually fit in your case. AMD, more-so than Nvidia, is known for making some rather lengthy graphics adds. Chances are the 7990, once released, will be a full tower-only affair unless you’re privy on cutting up your case to make everything fit.

Release is rumored for April while pricing is still in the air. Though considering past pricing for similar cards, you’re going to want ~3/4 of a grand set aside for the privilege.

Source: inpai | Via: TechSpot