US skier Jake Zamansky bashes NBC’s god awful coverage. Critical tweets automatically displayed on NBC Olympics website. NBC responds by censoring Jake’s athlete Twitter account.

You know, with each passing day of not being able to see the Olympics live either how I want on TV or god forbid, stream anything worthwhile, it becomes more and more clear — NBC flat out sucks as a network. Earlier this year they handled the whole Tonight Show/Jay Leno/Conan Obrian fiasco in a less than stellar manner and now they are in the process of making this one of the worst Olympics yet. To say coverage is terrible is a gross understatement. The blatant tape delays until prime time are greed at it’s worst and a complete pain in the ass for those who actually care about the games, as by the time they actually see the tape delayed events, the outcomes of each have been spilled onto the internet in one form or another. But so far, this is all from the viewers perspective. That is until US Skier Jake Zamansky started tweeting of NBC’s shit filled Olympic’s broadcasts as well. Then it got interesting.

Earlier today, Jake Zamansky made a few critical tweets calling out NBC. The tweets were then automatically pulled onto the NBC Olympic website’s live scrolling Twitter feed. Pretty funny stuff huh? Oddly, NBC didn’t feel the same way. Instead, they’ve gone ahead and begun removing any and all negative or critical tweets from Jake Zamansky’s athlete Twitter page — censorship at it’s finest.

Perhaps the saddest part is in the fact that CCTV in China — a government run TV channel in a communist country who routinely takes pride in censoring outside media — has more and better live coverage of the Olympics. What does that say for NBC’s corny “fireside chats” each and every night, recapping old news and Olympic highlights that our hours upon hours old? All of this grief is merely touching on the TV aspect. We haven’t even gotten into the whole live streaming thing yet.

To recap: NBC completely butchers live Olympics coverage for their own personal gain — not in any way to actually broadcast and showcase the games in any sort of way….and they censor the hell out of critics. Awesome! Hopefully NBC doesn’t get their hands on the next Olympics and ruin them too. Then again, they couldn’t suck any more than they do now…


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  • Matthew

    Yup, I watched the olympics on a Canadian network called CTV and it was AMAZING! They did a great job down to every last detail. I would switch over to NBC once in awhile to see what the American coverage is like and I must say that NBC doesn’t even compare. It’s like I was watching sports coverage from 1991.

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  • Monique

    I love the Olympics and NBC is trying hard to ruin it for me. As a West Coaster it’s nigh on impossible not to be spoiled by the time the Dreamworks-pimped prime time coverage starts. Even if I do manage to live in my cyber-cave all day and remain unspoiled, they’re dragging out event coverage over 4 choppy, wtfity-f hours. Pleh.

    • Mike

      Let’s just assume that everything NBC touches they destory. BTW: wtfity-f — I like.

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