“Let’s Rock”

Yesterday, Apple held their now annual “September iPod event”.  Much of what Apple announced on Tuesday had been leaked in the last few weeks leading up to the event, although, there were several surprises revealed yesterday.  A quick recap of announcements:

iPod nano:

  • New Colors
  • Accelerometer from first gen iPod touches and iPhone
  • Updated UI
  • Slimmer case with rounded edges like the iPhone

iPod Classic

  • 160gig dropped in favor of slimmer 120gig for $249

iPod Touch Gen 2

  • Slimmer design with tapered edges ala iPhone
  • Physical volume buttons on the side
  • A small external speaker for playback without headphones
  • Nike+ integrated

iTunes 8

  • Genius playlists (similar to smart playlists, but more refined)
  • New “Grid” view
  • HD TV episodes now available at $2.99
  • NBC shows back in iTunes (Finally)

iPhone/iPod OS 2.1

  • Much faster backup times
  • Greatly improved battery life
  • Increased 3g reception
  • Genius playlist creation on-the-go
  • Integrated Nike+ features (**iPod Gen 2 Only**)

New Headphones

  • Dual driver design with mic and iPod control integrated, 3 sizes of ear tips for a more custom fit. $79 (only works with Nano 4th gen, Classic 120gig, and iPod Touch 2nd Gen)

sources: engadget, arstechnica, and macnn

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