Levitatr Bluetooth Keyboard, Will You Marry Me?

For those of you out there that haven’t really found the bluetooth keyboard of your dreams, we might just have a solution for you. James Stumpf of Entrax has created what I feel might compliment that iPad or other tablet perfectly. The Levitatr features elevating keys (backlit of course) that appear at the push of a button.

For those of you that have considered swapping in your laptop for something a tad more portable, like say an iPad, but are worried about some serious hardcore blogging, the Levitatr might just be the convincing factor.

Drop on in for some more elevating info and sweet video…


There are a few bluetooth keyboards out there that aren’t bad. But when you have a sexy magical new iPad 2, you want something that won’t crap up it’s sexiness. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a Tesla and put monster truck tires on it, would you? The levitatr keeps that tablet looking sexy, but it also keeps itself looking sexy. A huge pet peeve of mine is the amount of dust, crumbs and dead skin that can clutter a keyboard. These elevating keys should eliminate the crud and keep your blogging fingers at their finest.

The Levitatr relies on a Bluetooth connection, so no dock connecters, making it work with any bluetooth enabled device. This beast is on the thick side at 12.5mm thick. Still extremely portable, but we all know how thinner is better – in a tech world that is. The keys sit flush with the top when not in use, but it seems there isn’t any way of protecting said tops of keys when rumbling around your back. I assume you can buy some sort of sleeve for it, but when you have something as nice as this looks you aren’t really going to want a bunch of scratches and dents on the top of it. 4 AAA batteries powers the keyboard, so we aren’t sure how long it’ll last on a new set, but we’d assume a few hours of hardcore use.

Measuring in at only 12.5mm thick, Levitatr™ is an aluminum Bluetooth keyboard accessory for iPads, iPhones, iPods and other devices. When ready to be used, the keys elevate out of the face of the keyboard and backlighting turns on to illuminate the key lettering. When not in use, the keys can be lowered back into the face of the keyboard and backlighting turns off, making the key lettering disappear. Built into Levitatr is an aluminum precision-machined kickstand (aka ALUMNM™) that folds out and holds virtually every mobile device between a 20 and 30° angle (depending on device thickness).

The Levitatr is still in a prototype phase and could use your help completing the funding needed for production. With a Kickstarter page up and in full effect, the team is hoping to raise $60,000 USD to get this baby underway. Currently sitting at $5,100 with 40 days left of the campaign, there is plenty of time to donate. $79 pledged will land you a shiny new keyboard if production ever sees the light of day.

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