LG: “We’re Better Than Google At Building User Interfaces, Working On Becoming Next Nexus Manufacturer”.

Let the title soak into the folds of your brain for a minute.

According to Cnet, LG is in heavy talks with Google to become the next manufacturer of Google’s flagship Nexus device, LG’s Ramchan Woo, head of smartphone division told Cnet. They (LG) know that they’ve fallen from their once dominant space in the mobile world (back from their high point in the featurephone era) and want another crack at it with smartphones. So far, unfortunately, their hardware hasn’t exactly been all too unique. Ditto for software.

But that isn’t stopping the electronics manufacturer from making some bold claims. Most notably, LG says that they are better at designing user interfaces than Google and therefore favor their heavy design hand over Google’s more laid back approach. (Essentially, LG, a hardware manufacturer, is claiming to be better than Google at interface design.)

Nexus devices have always been one of the first devices to showcase a new version of Android completely free of carrier and manufacturer skins and bloat, which often hurt the Android experience for end users. On top of that, Nexus devices are not ever caught in the bureaucratic red tape manufacturers wrap around them, who ultimately would love if updates never came, instead feeding you new hardware every 12-18 months as that’s where they make their money.

Now to be fair, LG’s current Android skin is one of the lighter hands placed upon Android in terms of customization. Still, their alterations, however minor, still result in unnecessary added time for new builds of Android to make it to consumers’ hands.

If LG is gunning for a shot to become the next Android manufacturer with hopes of changing Google’s stance on skin-free Nexus devices, they’re going to (hopefully) be disappointed. Google has been pretty unmoving so far about letting carriers and manufacturers destroy Nexus branded devices.

As for how LG would handle update delays related to custom skins on their first Nexus device better than every other Nexus device to date, Woo says LG is looking into ways to minimize wait time after a new Android update is rolled out, and stated that their current update delay of 2-3 months isn’t all that bad, though did admit it could be better. (Once again, we’ll reiterate such a scenario is completely unacceptable for a Nexus device and should be unacceptable for every higher end Android device. Not to mention, a delay of 2-3 months won’t fly with Google.)

While LG’s concerns about Google favoring Motorola once the sale closes and shutting out other manufacturers are valid, their stance on Nexus devices and belief that they are better than a Google in terms of interface design and navigation are flawed. If anyone is going to build a better Android it will be a product of some actual top-to-bottom collaboration between Google and Motorola.

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    comment above from a samsung buyer

  • mmeiklejohn

    Lmao at the title. Nexus and lg are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. If Google did this, id lose all faith in humanity. Samsung is king. That title literally makes me gag.