LIL KIKR+ Premium iPhone Charging Dock Available For Pre-order

We all know that iPhone charging stations are thrown at us from every manufacturer around. Sometimes we are wowed by what we see, and the rest are just another ugly stand that will clutter our desktops. But when a sexy little charging station comes around that catches my eye I get highly interested.

My desk (purchased from Ikea – yeah, I’m a hipster) is sleek and contains no bells and whistles, just pure simplistic beauty. Atop the desk lies a sexy 27″ iMac and an iPad. Other than my Magic Mouse and keyboard, there really isn’t much else to it. So when something comes a long that will add to my simplistic Apple-esque designed desk, I get all hot and bothered. And that is exactly what this LIL KIKR+ does. It adds a much nicer way to dock and charge your iPhone or iPod. Apple’s offerings are nothing to gawk after, so I am always in the market for something that will match my iMac and iPad.

Designed by Mike and Ellie Kemery who have designed for companies including Nike and T-Mobile, comes a limited edition ceramic white dock made of premium aircract grade aluminum material, lathered in a smooth matte white finish.

LIL KIKR+ is a versatile and portable dock that fits the latest generation iPod or iPhone with or without a case. Featuring non-slip rubber caps on the back and bottom of the dock, LIL KIKR+ is a strong and stable dock that prevents the iPhone or iPod from wobbling or sliding across a table. Additionally, LIL KIKR+ features a foam pad support back for maximum stability.

LIL KIKR+ is available for pre-order now at their page, for only $60. Along with the matte white finish, red, black or silver can also be made. This pretty little desktop accessory should be in customers’ hands by June 2012.

We recommend jumping over to that Kickstarter page now to contribute to a reasonably priced gorgeous iPhone charger!