Linux Users, Your Time Is Almost Here. Steam Said To Be “Within Months” Of Linux Debut.

Linux users often get the shaft on a lot of things. Support for a number of software titles and hardware support is something many a Linux user live with on a daily basis. But to some, the act of handling all computer related tasks and management on their own as well as doing their own troubleshooting and support brings about a feeling that no half-assed console port could ever fulfill. That said, fragging through those same console ports like the rest of us is this close.

Valve’s Gabe Newell has confirmed to that a Linux port is in fact in the works (and has been for many months) and that a release can be expected “within months”.

Normally the lengthy delay in support for the open source Linux environment would signal abandonment to us. But according to Gabe, Valve has a very flat management structure in which employees can work on whatever they want without the constant pain of reporting to superiors with project updates and new work ideas. Knock it all you want. It sounds like exactly the place we’d love to work in.

All that said, in a few months time Linux users will be able to partake of Steam and Steam games natively (no Wine shenanigans), just like the rest of us. Any Linux users’ interest piqued?

Source: Phoronix | Via: Engadget