Live replay’s coming to Sony’s PSP


There is nothing like being at a live sporting event.  The sights, sounds, and smells (good and bad) completely envelope you and suck you into your surroundings making whatever even your at much more real.  There is one drawback to live events.  The lack of instant replays is always a pain.  You paid x amount of dollars to be there in person and yet the guy sitting on the couch 500 miles away gets to see the latest play in slow mo from 20 different angles while your stuck wondering why the players are just standing around, (that is if you’re sitting way up in the nosebleed section).  Technology is finally breaking though though as Arsenal, an English soccer club is experimenting with an instant replay system based around Sony’s PSP giving live users the best of both worlds.  The service is scheduled to start rolling out in the next 18 months.  Start counting the days down…now.

Source: Engadget