MacBook Air Accessory Round-Up And Giveaway.

So you got a new MacBook Air? You’re probably going to want some goodies to go with it. We’ve got a few things you might like to see, and perhaps even give you a chance to keep it. Hop past the break for the details…

G-Form Extreme Sleeve

The MacBook Air is famous for being thin, light and above all else, the ultimate mobile computing device. But part of its ultra mobile lifestyle means physical encounters of the nefarious kind won’t do the Airs chassis any favors. Crushing, dropping and snapping the fragile MacBook Air no doubt runs through every owners’ mind. Thankfully there are options such as the G-Form Xtreme Sleeve.

This beastly case features an ultra rugged design that not only looks wicked cool, but actually provides a considerable amount of added protection against anything and everything you can throw at your Air.

At $79.99 it’s creeping towards the higher end of your typical laptop sleeve. Then again, the Xtreme Sleeve is far from typical. If you need a no holds barred case for your MacBook Air, this is your case.

Aviq Portable Laptop & Portable Quick Stands

With the power a typical laptop packs these days, it’s easy for many people to do away with the traditional desktop computer and simply use their laptop. Toss in a keyboard and mouse, external monitor and USB hard drive and you’ve got the ultimate desktop and portable station. But there’s only one thing — the angle just isn’t right. Seeing as how we type out a few sentences here and there in such a position, aching wrists is a big problem.

Thankfully there are accessories such as the Aviq Portable Laptop Stand and Portable Quick Stand. Both devices are extremely small and light, ultimately meaning more space in your bag for stuff that matters. Both stands are made out of thin yet sturdy Hylite and bend/fold a number of ways to get you that perfect viewing angle.

Either stand isn’t mandatory for a good computing experience. They do, however, make it far more comfortable.


Alright. So you’ve read through our ramblings above and are ready to hear what you have to do to pick up not one, not two, but all three accessories above? Talk to us! That’s it! Comment, retweet, Facebook Share, Google+ and more. Simply repost this post in as many places as you can think, and after 2 weeks we’ll pick one lucky winner that will gain ownership of everything highlighted above. **If you use Twitter, use the #GSmba hashtag so it makes it a tad easier to track.

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  • Jschmerin88

    yeah i recieved one, of them i didn’t know if i’m still eligable for the entire set..pretty happy with it though i think a tracking number may have been helpful, cant complain its a smart stand and could always use more, it holds a sixteen inch gateway just fine i got the triangle one!!!

  • LucasAleck
  • LucasAleck

    posted on my website’s facebook page!

  • LucasAleck

    Awesome giveaway thanks to the folks at gadgetsteria

  • Anonymous

    O snap, looks like I need to bring my facebook and twitter accounts back from the dead for this! And getting a friend to invite me to google + would not hurt either.

    • Anonymous

      Was a winner selected?

    • Anonymous

      Was a winner selected?

      • Mike Norris

        Not yet.

  • lisa m

    i would love to win, as I’m buying an Air this fall

  • Court Bowman

    Big fan of the GForm sleeve, have one for the iPad and it works great. Plus they have great customer support.