Microsoft Clears The Air Regarding Xbox 360 Replacement Plan.

Microsoft has come forward to clear the air regarding the Xbox 360 replacement plan we wrote about yesterday. As it turns out, the update in question Microsoft said they would replace bricked units from is not the upcoming update currently in beta (as originally reported) but an older one. Xbox Live’s Director of Programming, Larry Hryb, (Major Neilson) confirmed the claim on his blog:

“Clarification time! The console replacement plan that is the subject of some of today’s headlines is related to a previous update, NOT the system update that has been in public beta and will be deployed shortly. The new disc format that is part of the beta has been rigorously tested across all Xbox 360 models and there are no known compatibility issues.”

The latest update which gives game developers more disc space as well as removing unused features such as anti-piracy measures and DVD Audio has been in beta for several weeks now, though is officially rolling out today.
Source: RegHardware
Via: Ubergizmo