Microsoft Goes On The Offensive With Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is taking matters into their own hands regarding the — Won’t it ever DIE!! — Internet Explorer 6. Now more than a decade old, IE 6 is a perfect example of what happens when complacency and laziness take hold, if not a bit of obliviousness. Whatever the reason may be for a particular person or company to continue using IE 6, very soon you’ll have to work even harder to keep the old internet relic chugging along on your computer thanks to new auto and transparent updating of IE.

Essentially, Microsoft is making IE update much like Chrome and Firefox already do — in the background silently. IE updates won’t even show up in Windows Updates anymore either. For most consumers, this is great as they don’t have to think about browser maintenance and in turn get stuck in the version number battle. For companies with ancient software that requires and equally ancient browser, the news isn’t entirely exciting. But there’s a perk: the process will be opt-in meaning companies (and consumers should they choose) can keep going the manual route.

The new auto-update functionality is scheduled to begin rolling out this coming January in Australia and Brazil, “scaling up” over the year to other countries.


  • Source Ars Technica