Microsoft Lync For Mobile Reportedly Dropping “In 4 Weeks” On WP7, BlackBerry, Android, And iOS.

  • November 23, 2011 9:20 am

Business communications tools are about as exciting as watching paint dry. But the necessity of keeping finely tuned businesses running is a tricky business that ultimately relies on good communication across its parts. Microsoft thinks their Lync service is the perfect tool — an all encompassing server based solution that provides collaboration via IM, file sharing, picture/video messaging and more all based around a more contextual approach. Taking a brief trip through the various descriptions and demos at shows that it certainly looks cool enough. But what good is it stock on a desktop platform in a world increasingly moving to mobiles?

Windows Phone 7 support has been a work in the making for many months now, and is thankfully almost here (rumor says “in the next 4 weeks”). The source of the rumor is Australian based tech enthusiast “Gary Holden”, whom otherwise would have gone overlooked if had it not been for Microsoft Australia re-tweeting Gary’s original tweet with “Confirmed” in front of it. The real surprise, however, is not that WP7 support is so close but that other platforms including Android, BlackBerry and iOS will gain Lync support on launch day alongside WP7.

Anyone excited?
Via: WPCentral


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