Microsoft Making Up Quotes On “BrowserYouLovedToHate” Fan Page

Microsoft needs all the good PR they can get for Internet Explorer. Despite making a fairly large stride in performance and reliability with IE9, and again promising an equally large jump with the upcoming IE10, the fact of the matter is that even when comparing paper specs between other top browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and at times even Safari, IE still falls short in day-to-day use. It simply feels slower and more cumbersome to use. Their Metro specific version of IE10 is a bit of an exception, however, in that it is finally a glimpse at what a decent Microsoft browser might look like. All that said, the kind of PR image Microsoft doesn’t need is one of taking comments out of context and outright fabricating others.

Take for example the two statements above, seemingly borrowed from Following the links takes you to this article right here, where there are absolutely no traces of the quotes above supposedly linked to said publication and page. Outside of the clearly fabricated Engadget mentions, the other links to specific sites are less “word for word” and more paraphrased, with many of the sources citing “tweet”, “comment on Facebook” and other 3rd party services linked only to the main page. For example, there are a number of Facebook comments linked to, though only to Microsoft’s public Facebook Fan Page, making finding the comments in question all but impossible. Similarly, the various “tweet” sourced comments link to the user’s main twitter page and not the tweet. Why not link to the specific tweet/facebook post if it is worthy of boasting about on a site such as this? Our hunch: most of the comments are taken out of context, easily discernible as fake/paid, or simply made up altogether.

If Microsoft wants to really draw the public in with IE10 and simultaneously help improve their “cool”/hip image as well as launch IE10 into the forefront of internet users’ minds, fabricating positive comments (and probably buying a few to boot) isn’t the way to do it.

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Source: iMattGreat (Twitter)

  • AC

    “Been using IE9 for a while on Windows 7 and it’s a really good browser, the best IE yet.” is from a comment…

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  • goo le

    i love  avant browser ,faster and no crash .