Microsoft: “No Plans for a New Xbox”.


Looking anxiously at your “Countdown ’til the next Xbox” calendar? Well…don’t. Because according to Microsoft, you’ll be waiting for a while. According to Microsoft’s Xbox and Entertainment Director Stephen McGill, they’re confident that their current 360 hardware and recently launched Kinect can hold their on in the coming years. Sadly, they are sorely mistaken. When developers complain the PS3 is too weak it’s time to start thinking about upgrading. Nonetheless, they’re sticking to their guns.

On the other side of the argument, there are still quite a few new games that don’t tap the full potential of any of the currently available systems. Though, that number of games is getting smaller with each passing month.

Actually, I’m pretty sure Microsoft is “thinking about” new systems, and probably already has a few concepts and/or working prototypes behind closed doors. They would be stupid not to. Sitting by twiddling your fingers with 5-year old hardware and blissfully believing you have a snowball’s chance in hell 2-3 years from now with the same hardware is border line insanity.

What’s your call? Think Microsoft can stick it out?
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