Microsoft Talks Windows Phone Tango And Apollo.

  • August 23, 2011 10:04 pm

In a rare departure from the norm, Microsoft spoke quite candidly of upcoming Windows Phone 7 updates, specifically mentioning Windows Phone Tango (7.5) and Apollo (8.0) at an MSDN Seminar in Hong Kong. According to the original report by

  • WP7 Tango is not a major refresh — it is an updated form of Mango, and one that is destined to cater more to “developing countries”.
  • Developing countries will be launching cheap, entry-level WP7 devices with which WP7 Tango will come pre-loaded.
  • Windows Phone Apollo (8) will be the next “major” release after Mango.

If you’ve been on the Windows Phone fence so far, do you think Windows Phone 8 will finally push you over the edge?

Via: TheNextWeb, RedmondPie

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