Microsoft To Follow In Adobe’s Footsteps, Abandon Silverlight After Version 5?

  • November 9, 2011 7:50 am

Apparently Adobe isn’t the only one that realizes browser based plugins for rich media (read: the impending death of Flash on mobile) are dead. According to the Verge whom cites Mary Jo Foley whom herself cites multiple sources, Microsoft will officially abandon their Flash competitor, Silverlight, after the next Silverlight 5 release rumored to drop around late November.

Given the wide ranging support for HTML5 as well as previous comments by Microsoft that Silverlight’s days were numbered, the announcement wouldn’t exactly be surprising. Nonetheless, hearing of Flash (mobile Flash mind you) and Silverlight in the same day makes for a rather interesting week, no?

Outside of web video, Flash is less relevant while Silverlight still is a key piece of Windows Phone. Give this week’s events it appears the track towards a web technologies based future has been accelerated.

Source: Zdnet | Via: TheVerge

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  • Anonymous

    I have to agree and its good this is a widely accepted move by both Adobe and Microsoft. It will make the transition for web sites faster. But it will be not without growing pains as sites are still heavily into one or the other or both Silverlight and Flash. Too bad Android did not listen to Steve Jobs in hindsight and decided not to support Flash too.

    • The Gadgeteur

      Growing pains are likely, though a given.  When as a major, important shift in technology ever garnered unanimous support early on?  Never.