[Update] Microsoft: “We’ll Replace Xbox Units Bricked By Upcoming Update”

  • May 18, 2011 1:03 pm

Previous reports that Microsoft “unlocked” an extra hidden GB of disc space for game developers. This new space was previously reserved for anti-piracy measures and DVD-Audio. Though seeing as how Microsoft doesn’t use such features, said space was reclaimed and re-purposed for what matters most. The good news was briefly overshadowed by a rather ominous problem — some Xbox hardware wouldn’t accept the update, and in turn cease working. But all concern should be dispelled for Microsoft has come forward and promised that any and all Xbox units bricked by the update will receive a replacement 250 GB Xbox Slim unit and 12 free months of Xbox Live Gold membership.

One lucky gamer by the name of Avery Penn received an email from Microsoft detailing the issue and providing the necessary links and information to get the claim process going. Seems like a rather nice move on Microsoft’s part, no?

The update in question is still in the beta channel currently, though slated to go live tomorrow, May 19th. Depending on what corner of the world you live in, the update could take up to almost two weeks to reach you, however. Nonetheless, the email above signals Microsoft has some way of telling which consoles are affected and taking the appropriate actions proactively. Let us know how your upgrade goes..

Source: Kotaku

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