Minecraft Makes Its Way To Mobile (Again). iPhone App Released.

Want all the Minecraft action on the go? Keep looking, then. The newly released (New Zealand today, U.S. tomorrow) Minecraft iOS game is but a small piece of the desktop juggernaut. Some of the things you miss out on using the mobile app include zombie creeper guys, lack of any health bar, no vast wondering/survival mode, and you’re limited to 36 blocks.

Despite all the negatives, it shows that Minecraft can make the move to mobile — the space many would say is the next frontier of gaming, especially since iOS blew the doors open on “casual gameplay”.

Minecraft for iOS is available now in the New Zealand App Store for $9.99 NZ. By the time the Minecraft for iOS makes its way across the pond to U.S. residents tomorrow, expect the price to get rounded down to $6.99 USD.

Minecraft for iOS joins a previously released Android app and will soon be joined by an official Windows/Mac app on November 18th.

Diehard Minecraft fanatics: Are the various missing aspects and limitations of the mobile so great that it’s not worth playing on the go?

Via: Wired.co.uk, ObamaPacman