MOG Will Be But A Small Part Of Beats’ Global Domination Plan.

Right now Beats Audio hardware is just that — hardware. It is a niche product in one particular market. Just recently, however, an acquisition by HTC has paved the way for Beats to become more than just headphones, as Beats branded devices have special software woven into the core of the OS (Android) that gives the audio focus an even bigger bump. And now that HTC/Beats Audio have (apparently) purchased MOG, a popular streaming music service, the global domination is beginning to enter the next phase.

According CNET sources, Beats plans to turn MOG from simple streaming service to a complete storefront much like Apple’s iTunes, but also incorporate Beats branded headphones, smartphones/tablets, and god knows what else. The idea is pretty intriguing to say the least. While we haven’t been the fondest supporters of Beats branded hardware, there’s no denying the combination of hardware, software and digital content storefront is one that could very well turn into a massive multi-billion dollar ecosystem.

If HTC/Beats does in fact go this route and Apple continues dragging their feat offering a legitimate streaming music service, we can easily see Beats’ MOG-powered initiative instantly launch into a position to seriously challenge iTunes, not to mention other popular music storefronts like Amazon, Google Play, etc.

And to think, just a few short years ago trying to get a music studio executive to even talk about an environment like we’re seeing explode now (outside of iTunes) was like pulling teeth. When will they learn, the market knows what they want better than some stodgy music label exec.

Would you buy into a Beats-branded environment?

Source: CNET | Via: Electronista