Moto announces Renew, Tundra, and MOTOSURF


Moto sure has fallen from their Razr driven dominance they had just a few short years ago.  Today they hope to move one step closer to dominance again as they announce several new phones.  It really is shocking to look at the Motorola from a few years ago (Razr era) and now, a company that is desperately trying to cling to life.  They are still having some problems breaking away from the Razr’s main design, making their phones appear long in the tooth even on launch day.  Hopefully Motorola can turn this funk around and create the phones that will truly wow us.  Click through for info on Motorola’s 3 new handsets. 

One of the new handsets being revealed is the MOTOSURF A3100.  It is Moto’s direct response to Apple’s iPhone.  The A3100 relies on its 2.8″ 320×240 screen for most of the input.  A customizable front end allows users easy access to various functions such as calling or checking out your Facebook profile.  If the touchscreen isn’t your cup of tea, there is a trackball.  And if you really like a throw back to yesteryear, it comes with a stylus!

The features include:

  • Full 7.2Mbps HSUPA-based 3G (tri-band)
  • Assisted GPS
  • Wi-Fi.
  • 3 Megapixel camera
  • Front facing VGA camera
  • Support for microSDKC cards up to 32GB

If the stylus comment didn’t tip you off, I’ll help you out.  The MOTOSURF is running Windows Mobile 6.1.  Carriers and plans have yet to be announced, however Moto promises “multiple markets” within the first three months.

The MOTOSURF is nice, but not the only gift coming from Moto.  The next phone, the W233 Renew is designated asa budget yet very eco-friendly phone.  Recycled water bottles make up the plastic housing and the box is also made completely from recycled paper.  The eco label is really the only draw to this phone as everything else is rather uninspiring.  The phone is your basic dual-band GSM unit that comes sans a camera and only a regular microSD slot.  So that 4GB microSD card you just bought, take it back because it won’t work.  A release date for the Renew has been vaguely given as winter ’09 by Moto, however the recently leaked T-Mobile product release sheet for this year shows it coming a bit earlier.

Motorola is really trying to win our hearts back as they are tossing a third option into the array of choices.  The VA76r Tundra is an AT&T exclusive.  The clamshell model phone has been designed as “ruggedized” for extra heavy duty use by the U.S. Military.  This phone is designed to meet or exceed the tough 810F standards for weatherproofing and shock set by the military.  While this phone certainly has some brawn it doesn’t totally skimp on features.  Inside you will find a 2-megapixel camera, media playback (including AT&T music), and video capture.  The Tundra will be a 3G capable phone over HSPA and has support for GPS.  If you’re in the market for a tougher phone from AT&T stop by on January 13th with at least $200 and an eagerness to start or restart a new contract with AT&T.

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