MPAA to FCC: Everyone loves Selectable Output Control. Critics = liars.

Selectable Output Control or “SOC” as it is abbreviated is nothing short of movie studios trying to nickel and dime consumers more by *digitally* breaking older TV equipment, limiting choice, and all around making our lives that more difficult. Against claims from various consumer groups, the MPAA has stepped forward claiming that everyone loves SOC and anyone who criticizes it is a liar. Hmmm. Can we see yet why this industry as a whole has such a negative image? Between repeatedly stepping on consumers’ wants with anti-consumer DRM, to bullshit policies on copying legally purchased movies, and ending up at SOC, it becomes all too apparent that studios have no idea what the hell they’re doing. They cherry on top is of course calling anyone with a voice brave enough to speak out against their monopolistic ways liars. And they wonder why no one wants to spend money on their crap….

Ars Technica