AT&T To Being Testing “Small Cells” Later This Year – Tiny Towers That Bear Hug Street Lamps, Improve Capacity.

Your AT&T coverage within a large city might confuse you; towers are everywhere and yet performance is less than desirable. Well, besides playing havoc on wireless signals thanks to copious amounts of concrete and metal, cities also contains lots of people…data sucking people. Today at CTIA AT&T executive vice president of technology and network operations, John Donovan, announced plans to further bolster their increasingly stressed inner-city networks with new “small cell” sites. These mini-towers of sorts will be much smaller and attached closer to the action, such as on street lamps, posts, etc. According to Donovan, the small cells will allow more efficient use of AT&T spectrum and better direct coverage at the street level.

Testing is said to be scheduled for later this year, and if successful will almost certainly be hitting a street corner near you as soon as possible.

We for one will gladly welcome any new technology or service that makes our mobile data speeds, ahem, a bit more brisk.

Via: Reuters