My Horrible Journey To Buy An iPad From Verizon

So over a week ago I decided I wanted to sell my MacBook Air and purchase an iPad. I went through the chore of selling the Air and last Thursday I had the money in hand and started my trek of finding the right iPad for me. Obviously I was going to choose the newer iPad because that retina display is needed for me to live a happy life. Then it was the choice of WiFi or LTE capable, which I opted to go with LTE just so I could have the option when I needed a signal and I wasn’t near WiFi.

Now, I live in Portland, OR and have my iPhone on AT&T’s network, and it gets pummeled by all the hipsters trolling the streets. Since I knew how AT&T coverage was in the area, I decided to give Verizon a chance, as from the people I’ve talked to, gets decent coverage in the great PDX Metro area. So I knew what I wanted now I just had to get that sexy little gadget in my hands. I started off calling all 3 of my local Apple Stores — with no luck. Then I made my way into all of the big-box retailers which didn’t yield my sweaty little hands an iPad, either.

My last option was all of the Verizon Wireless retailers in the area, besides the normal retail outlets we had Go Wireless Verizon Authorized dealer whatever you want to call it locations. There are upwards of 50 of these within a 50 mile radius. I had a way higher chance of getting myself a New iPad… Or so I thought.

The first Verizon location I called was the main branch Downtown Portland, they were horribly unfriendly and told me that every location in Portland was sold out. Discouraged, I set out to order myself one from Apple’s website and wait the 1-2 weeks delivery time. I decided I wouldn’t give up that easily and so I lit a fire under my arse and started calling every other Verizon retailer in the area… The next person I spoke with said they had a white 32gb iPad in stock. I told the sales rep, Justin, that I wasn’t interested in the white model and wanted the black version. He told me to come on in and we’ll get it ordered. Upon my arrival he had a 16gb black version and a 32gb white for me to test out to see if black was the right fit. After gabbing about our children’s sports games and what not, I told him that I wanted to go black, and that I would never go back.

So we set up to order the device and he asked if I had service with them. I said I don’t so he began to take my ID as well as SSN to get me signed up with a data plan and get my iPad ordered. I told Justin that I didn’t want a plan and was going to do the pay-as-you-go option. He said that doesn’t exist and that $30 for a 2gb plan was my cheapest option, plus $35 activation fee. I informed him that he wasn’t entirely accurate and that there is other options. He argued with me for a few minutes, and as I was about to walk out of the door, his co-worker explained that they can sell it as an accessory to get it to me without activation and a data plan. I rejoiced, and we set out to get it ordered.

After a few keyboard clicks he informed me that wasn’t an option. To order the device I had to sign up for a data plan. He attempted to tender out the white model he had on hand, which let him do it as an accessory, but to order the iPad, that wasn’t an option. He took my number and said he would call if it came in. So after I finished watching both of my sons play soccer, I set out on another phone journey to find me an iPad locally. I called a Verizon store that said they will only sell them with a data plan, on hand or order. I called another place that said they don’t have any, and to order from the website.

After going through another 10 locations, getting slightly different answers each time, I settled upon the Verizon retailer that is located next door to the place I work. I ran over there today on my lunch break and asked the rep if I could get order an iPad without getting a data plan. He said yes, and double checked to see if there was any stock. When the result was order the device only, I was thrilled when he said by the end of the week. He asked for my cell number and last four digits of my SSN. When I told him I didn’t have an account with Verizon he said that he can’t sell me an iPad without being a Verizon Wireless customer. So I walked out of the 5th Verizon Wireless retail location empty handed – minus the $729 literally burning a hole in my pocket.

I spoke – in person as well as by phone – to around 20 different Verizon representatives, and almost each time was told a slightly different variation of what they could do for me. The only common denominator is that Verizon does not need or want my money.

Why do I have to be a customer to purchase an iPad. The device does not require a data plan to use. You can purchase data packages straight from the device itself. It can function without 4G signals and isn’t subsidized through Verizon. If I was getting it for $299 or so, I would expect to be forced to pay monthly. This isn’t the case with the iPad.

So now I am forced to wait 1-2 weeks to get a device from either Apple or Best Buy as Verizon is too good to help me out and is forcing me into having a constant cellular signal on the device.

Thank you, Verizon. Thanks for representing excellent customer service and trying to take care of customers. I wasn’t a Verizon cellular subscriber to begin with, and this is really showing me the level of service I would receive if I was. I shouldn’t get a different answer with every person I talk to. AT&T gets a bad rap, but I have never received this level of customer service in 10 years of loyal subscription.

I am considering not getting a Verizon iPad and might suffer through the slow speeds of AT&T just to not support a company that isn’t appreciative of my hard earned $729.

  • MiguelJ.

    FindOne app. For the the iPhone, it will search by your zip code. The stores around your area, and it’ll give you the quantity in stock. color as well, hopefully it won’t be such a hassle. When I got mine at best buy, they asked if I wanted to activate it. Never did until I wanted to. Don’t give up!