Nest Finally Responds To Honeywell Lawsuit, Says They’re “Not Innovative” And “Worse Than A Patent Troll”.

Remember that Nest vs. Honeywell lawsuit that reared it’s head back in early February? Honeywell came in pretty hot and heavy with a fist full of patents and claims that Nest was a careless and spiteful offender of said patents. Nest, meanwhile, has remained pretty quiet on the matter. Until today. The company unleashed a legal tongue lashing with plenty of zingers thrown in calling Honeywell’s patents “hopelessly invalid”, claiming Honeywell’s patents are not related to anything Nest is doing, labeling them “worse than a patent troll” and even going as far as calling the company as a whole “not innovative” in the slightest. Our favorite lines (emphasis ours):

“They (Honeywell) are trying to maintain the status quo. In seven decades, there appears to be little more technological improvement to the flagship Honeywell thermostat than the replacement of a mechanical display with an LCD.”

Translation: Honeywell, you’re only still relevant because no one has come along to show you how much you suck. Have fun grasping at straws.

Get the full rundown of Nest’s legal argument against Honeywell right over here (PDF).

Via: The Verge