New Maps Feature Present In iOS 5.1

UPDATE: After further consideration, it appears as if I was wrong about this. Many users state that it is only the traffic view.

Inside of iOS 5.1, Apple gave users very few new (major) features. And among those new features, only a small handful were announced. After the weeks following it’s release, journalists and iOS users worldwide have continued discover new features. Just yesterday, Zac alerted us to a new feature with Siri and Yelp™, allowing users to open Yelp links directly in Yelp™.

Today, I discovered a minor feature in the maps application that could be considered useful. Not only is it useful, but, it also seems like it should have been there in the first place.


Take a look at a search for a larger city in the maps app for iOS 5 –

Then, look at the search for the same city on iOS 5.1 –

As one can see, the city of Athens is highlighted by a green line. It doesn’t change much, but it’s the little things that count.

If you find any other additions in iOS 5.1, be sure to let us know.