New PS3 Firmware Update Jailbroken Mere Hours After Release.

It wasn’t but a few short articles ago (ok, one article ago) that we noted Geohotz’ legal woes and the initial goal by Sony — to basically ruin him for life. But more exciting than that depressing affair is news that the very same PS3 firmware that was pushed out early, and the one Sony is urging PS3 owners to update to as it features a new security patch, has been jailbroken. The update is really minor in actuality as it features nothing more than a new encryption key which nullifies all previous jailbreaks and homebrew apps. But thanks to Wii hacker Youness Alaoui, (aka: KaKaRoToKs) homebrew PS3 goodness can one again be enjoyed, the key cracked, and the PS3 ripped open once again.

Have fun Sony.

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