Rhapsody Update Brings New Tablet UI To Android App.

We’ve been pretty unimpressed with the Android tablet scene thus far. The hardware has been drool worthy, for sure, but when it comes to software, things are sorely lacking. Thankfully that situation is changing (albeit slowly).

Today, Rhapsody released their new update to their popular Android app, with the most important addition being a new UI for tablets. Quite simply, Rhapsody did a pretty awesome job. The tablet UI for the updated Android app is better than many of the other tablet specific UIs we’ve seen on Android apps. The only kicker — it’s only for tablets 9″ and bigger and only available on Android 3.0 and up. Considering how hard Android manufacturers have touted their 7-9″ tablets over Apple’s iPad as a prime example of “choice” over the last year and a half, we find it pretty shortsighted and a bit ridiculous on Rhapsody’s part to cut off this sector of the market. Then again, the 7-9″ tablet space has been pretty reliant on ancient builds of Android 2.x. But alas, it is what it is. Here’s to hoping Rhapsody has a change of heart and gets the smaller tablets into the party, too.

Get the new update right over here: Downlaod – Rhapsody (Android Market link)

Another screenshot after the break.

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