Newsroom replaces paper scripts with iPads. Annual savings: $24,000

As technology becomes more autonomous and allows lesser numbers of humans to do more things, people will inevitably bitch about lost jobs. For a few people responsible for printing the paper scripts used by WFXL-TV in Albany, Ga., the bitching will be overshadowed by news anchors duking it out on iPads playing Scrabble, Slot Racing, and whatever else it is news anchors like to play in their spare time.

WFXL-TV is as I understand, the first News station to toss out paper scripts entirely and adopting the latest in technology — the iPad. Doing so, according to news station staff, will save the station upwards of $24,000 annually…
I know some of you are thinking: “Why not get a computer?” Well, the iPad is cheaper, smaller, and offers extended opportunities by way of app potential down the line. It’s really a no brainier.

As far as work is concerned, script writers/editors do nothing more than email the finished copies to the iPads as PDF’s. On the news anchor’s end, iAnnotate apps allow quick and natural navigation of the scripts. The apps weigh in at a paltry $7. Simple and effective.

Saving vast amounts of money, trees, and bambi’s is a pretty sweet deal don’t you think? It’s nice to see technology changing things even as simple as news scripts. Hopefully more news stations (and industries no less) will “come of age” and adapt more useful types of technologies.

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