Nokia Identifies, Promises Software Fix For Lumia Devices With Faulty Display.

If you’re a proud owner of a Lumia 900 device and thought that purplish keyboard exhibited when display brightness is turned down to its minimum setting was created on purpose, we’re sorry to say it isn’t. It’s a sign of a faulty display – the keyboard text background is really (and always should be) gray. But fret not. All is not lost. Nokia claims to have identified the issue and has said a software update to correct the purple keyboard glitch is in route, though no specific date for the update’s release has been mentioned.

Likewise, a poll conducted by WP Central has found roughly ~10% of Lumia 900 owners are affected by the minimum-brightness/purple keyboard bug. On that same note, WP Central also says that at one AT&T retail location, 12/12 Lumia 900s on hand were affected. That figure could point more towards a specific batch of Lumia 900s being faulty as opposed to a random, more widespread problem.

We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Source: @NokiaCarUS (Twitter) | Via: WP Central, Phonearena