Nokia Promises To Keep Using Carl Zeiss Lenses On Future Devices

Most normal human beings still focus on a smartphone camera’s megapixel count as a measure of comparison between devices. While it does help a tad in determining which camera is “better”, megapixel count is but one factor; other things such as aperture, lens quality, glass type, flash type and software optimization all come into play. That said, over the course of the last ~10 years, Nokia has been known to focus more heavily on their phone cameras than most. And more often than not, their Carl Zeiss lenses have provided some of the best mobile pictures for Nokia’s mobile devices.

Today Nokia announced they are going to continue their ongoing business agreement with Carl Zeiss to keep using their lenses in upcoming Nokia hardware for at least “the next few years”, as reported by Reuters.

Within the next month, Nokia’s recently announced “PureView” 41-megapixel camera will begin shipping in its first device. The camera is definitely a first to cross the 40-megapixel threshold for megapixels in mobile cameras and features several innovative software optimizations to allow end users to edit pictures taken with the PureView camera in ways not possible before. For mobile enthusiasts, however, the first PureView device’s antiquated Symbian OS is a turn off. Why the company didn’t put the PureView camera into a Windows Phone device is unknown.

Anyone looking to pick up the first Nokia PureView equipped device in the near future?

Source: Reuters | Via: Phonescoop

  • Davidl