Nokia Reportedly Paying AT&T $25 Million To Make Lumia 900 Exclusive Employee Use Phone

Working as a “front line employee” (i.e.: a cellphone salesman/woman on the retail floor) has the occasional bad days one would expect in such a retail environment. But if you can put up with a few sour grapes called customers, the rewards can be awesome! Besides already steep discounts on service and/or phones, cellular retail employees all have access to special promotional deals paid for by manufacturers. These programs obviously vary widely from carrier to carrier and manufacturer to manufacturer.

For AT&T in the U.S., the phones under such programs get designated as “CU” (Company Use) and can be had by those “front line” employees mentioned above for…wait for it…free. See where we’re going here? WPCentral has received various tips from AT&T ninjas that the carrier has designated the Lumia 900 as a CU device, and in turn will allow employees to turn in their current CU devices and swap it out for Nokia’s new hotness. The marketing push by Nokia to get Windows Phone 7, and more specifically their Lumia brand, into the customers’ hands is rumored to be costing the Finnish giant somewhere in the neighborhood of ~$25 million. While it’s a decent chunk of change, it’s one that is quite a good move. The Lumia 900 is the best Windows Phone on the market bar none, and is the perfect device to showcase Redmond’s mobile OS to the masses.

Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 900 launch here in the U.S. on AT&T is going to be the first real taste of Windows Phone that U.S. residents receive. Yeah. There’s T-Mobile’s lower-end (but still great) Lumia 710. But we don’t think anyone will disagree when we say the Lumia 900 is a much better device all around; LTE, gorgeous design and the fantastic Windows Phone 7 all sound like winners in our book.

Via: WPCentral