Nokia’s Design Chief Admits Company Working On Windows 8 Tablet.

Previous rumors involving Nokia designing a Windows 8 tablet appear to be true after the company’s design chief, Marko Ahtisaari admitted to Reuters that they were looking to design a tablet that would “stand out from the hundreds of iPad competitors” currently on the market. Ahtisaari also claimed that he himself is spending 1/3 of his time working on a tablet for Nokia.

The announcement isn’t particularly surprising, considering previous rumors. Still, it’s nice to have some credible evidence that Nokia is in fact looking to spice up the tablet race.

So far, we here at GS have come to the conclusion that Windows 8 on a tablet/touch friendly device is a far more compelling, engaging and overall enjoyable experience on the desktop. That said, if Nokia can do the same thing with Windows 8 that they did with Windows Phone 7 and the Lumia, they could very well have a hit on their hands. Except this time, instead of catering to a still niche-like size of users as they did with Windows Phone, Nokia can now appeal to a much, much larger potential consumer base. There’s certainly money to be had.

Source: Reuters | Via: Pocket-Lint
Image Source: Concept-Phones