Nvidia Claims Their Mobile Platform Will Surpass Console Performance By 2014. (There’s A Catch)

We usually hear from the tech community that the mobile market moves blindingly fast. And in fact, if you look back at what a high-end smartphone could do in 2006 as well as the types of apps it had and then look at what we’ve got now just 6 years later, the differences and noticeable advancements are insane. But even the best mobile hardware still can’t compete with more “traditional” gaming hardware like consoles and PCs. By 2014, however, Nvidia says one of them will fall.

Nvidia shared a slide with hardware/gadget site AnandTech which shows the company’s projected statistics for their in-house mobile GPU compared to current consoles and PCs. According to the company, they will be producing mobile hardware that is more powerful than current consoles’ GPUs, specifically the Xbox 360, in less than two years.

And therein is the kicker — “current”. It sounds all warm and fuzzy for a split second until you realize the “current” generation of hardware inside of the Xbox 360 is 5+ years old. So, in 2014 Nvidia will be producing mobile hardware that is as powerful as a gaming console built in 2006. Congrats, guys.

Still, we’re genuinely excited to see the continuing improvements made in the mobile sphere and can’t wait for the day our “gaming PC” is really just our mobile device and wearable glasses all tied together with wireless technology. Bring on the future.

Source: AnandTech | Via: Engadget