Nvidia GTX 480 w/ full 512 cores unlocked gets benchmarked!


If you were to say Nvidia’s GTX 480 was the top of the line card from the green camp, you’d only be partially correct. While it is, at face value, the “top of the line”, it is in fact a neutered second place finisher. You see, Nvidia deactivated one block of 32 cuda cores (the processing mini-brains in the fermi architecture) giving the card it’s 480 name — 480 processing cores. For some time, a fully unlocked 512-core version has been rumored. But nothing has come of it. Many claimed it was because of the 480′s already insatiable power requirements and hellish heat output were the main culprits. Others instead said it was Nvidia’s attempt to squeeze a few more dollars out of end users later on down the road with a new “premium” card. Regardless of which route they took, it looks like the real GTX 480 is finally coming fruition if recently leaked benchmarks are to be believed…
Now I’ll be up front — the results of the last frontier being unshackled aren’t going to make current 480 owners (and possibly even GTX 470 owners) enraged with malice and full of envy. For example, in Crysis: Warhead @ 1920×1200 with 8xAA on, the 512-core 480 managed 34.72fps while the gimped 480-core 480 could only muster 32.96fps. Clearly you’re not going to notice these differences. Further hitting this point home, 3dMark Vantage (Extreme) scores come up as 10,072 and 9,521 for the 512 and 480 versions respectively.

If Nvidia intends to add another $20-$70 for the extra core, I’d recommend passing on it. While you do get some performance improvements, they’re low, single digit percentages. — hardly worth the price premium Nvidia may charge.

Though some may disagree a new price is coming at all. Browsing through comments on the few sites that are currently running the 512-core GTX 480 will net you a hypothesis that Nvidia may silently launch these newer cards as the same GTX 480 people have been buying for several months now — no announcement, no fanfare, no price increase. It would be a bold move on Nvidia’s part, one that would certainly garner a thumbs up. Who doesn’t like increased performance at little to no cost increase?

Looking at preliminary benchmarks, does any price increase that Nvidia may issue seem worth it?



  • August 10, 2010 7:22 am
  • by: Mike
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  • rain

    it is real as 485!!~! new gtx 480 512

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